Goliath Grouper Fishing

Full Day Р$1200

Goliath Grouper (also known as Jewfish) regularly grow to the size of a small compact car. These behemoths are found in shallow waters both inshore, usually around bridges, and structure, and offshore over wrecks and reefs. Goliath Grouper reek havoc on your every day reef fisherman, as they are known to engulf cobia, amberjack, snapper, and grouper as large as 30lbs. They are considered by many to be the ultimate in shallow water big game fishing.

Goliath Grouper Fishing

Read about the Goliath Grouper research study anglers get to participate in aboard F/V Redemption Song.


One of the largest fish found anywhere along the coastal US.

You can look at pictures, watch videos and TV shows, and hear stories about Goliath Grouper, but nothing will prepare you for the actual sight of a 200lb, 300lb, or even 500lb fish coming up alongside the boat. On some of locations you can even watch the giants take the bait! Goliath Grouper are monstrous fish, with attitudes to match. They will do everything in their power to reach the protection of their lair before you can get them to the surface. They are an extremely powerful fish, and are surprisingly fast and agile for an animal of this size.

Please be aware that catching Goliath Grouper is a full contact sport and is not for the faint of heart.

Many young, fit men have been left crying for their mommy just minutes into a battle with a large Goliath. If you can tough it out and subdue one of these hulks, you will be rewarded with a photo that will surely be the topic of conversation for many dinner parties to come.

Tackle & Techniques

Live and Dead Baits; Extra Heavy Tackle.

Goliath Grouper are targeted with some of the heaviest, most durable tackle available today. 150-500lb test is required depending on the particular location. If you have not caught a Goliath before, this will be an entirely new fishing experience.